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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Colourvita - Live Life in Colour

Namaste and welcome to my blog!

Colour is part of our lives everyday. Many times we fail to really appreciate the affect colours have on our emotions and wellbeing.

For many years, I dressed in black whilst battling my fluctuating weight, thinking it would make me appear slimmer! Not realising it made me stand out like a sore thumb and it was probably a reflection of my mood and emotions. In fact, looking back, I know that was it exactly.

Today I make a conscious choice to Live Life in Colour!

About 15 years ago I gained a Diploma with Distinction in Interior Design. i really enjoyed the challenge of creating something stunning from a blank piece of paper, the transformation and the endless possibilities..... The many many ways in which we can introduce colour in to our lives and its so easy.

A while later whist raising my sons I became a complementary therapist, I then got in to photography and always had a love of art. I also studied The Humanities where I learnt to analyse music, art and poetry which was fascinating. It was soon evident that all my studies had amalgamated presented through my art and complementary therapies, a deep rooted spiritual connection had formed.

Colourvita - Colour Therapy

Having recently studied Colour Therapy I have learnt even more how things are intertwined and connected. The power of colour, the fact that a blind person can see colour through music and aromas spark memories and feelings and also directly correlate to the body's charkas. I now have have a deeper appreciation of the powerful influences on our mind, body and soul that are brought about by colour and aromas.

So, each day I make an informed choice on what colours I wear or spend time around and consider the affects on me. I meditate, practise mindfulness and wanted to be able to share what I have learned with you.

Love and Light


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