A positive pick-me-up during COVID-19

In these worrying and uncertain times it can be a struggle to find a little thing to keep your mind focused and positive.

If you find yourself struggling to motivate yourself or get things done (as I do at times) try this:

  1. Each day list on a piece of paper 3 positive things you did that day. Whether it was reaching out to someone to check on them, completing a task you have been putting off, or as simple as getting out of bed.

  2. write them down and out the date and store it in a little jar or maybe a shoe box.

  3. when you feel low, anxious or stressed dip in to your jar or box and randomly pick one out and read it

Use this method to remind yourself that you are doing ok. This is something no matter how small you managed to achieve during Covid-19

Most importantly......


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